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Beauty of Mind, Body, &Soul of Feminist Punk Woman

“That’s pretty much the only time I feel really, really beautiful, when my circumstances are so strange that they allow me to see myself as a small component of a much bigger world.” - Meredith Graves…

Basic Rough Draft of Ideas & Future Direction

Basic Rough Draft of Ideas & Future Direction

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I want each project to be based on a well researched resiliency strategy but to be executed in new innovative ways that emphasis personal engagement. I want it to be a social project where people get involved and lots of people are contributing to a common movement on life and wellness. Through completion and contribution to modules, eventually for “members” each step will track and evaluate…

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Future Collaborative Wellness Ideas / Rant

Future Collaborative Wellness Ideas / Rant

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I always seem to find myself struggling with the same dilemma – following through. For some reason I always seem to have an internal spark of greatness – an idea, a vision, a perfect end goal, yet getting from that starting point into motion, to resolution and accomplishment is always met with disconnect.

Recently, on my life coaching journey of self improvement I was faced with questioning the…

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After a week of volunteering with the Canadian Positive Psychology Conference last week and…

After a week of volunteering with the Canadian Positive Psychology Conference last week and finishing my second life coaching session on over coming fears and blocks of success I was inspired to adapt some of the mindfulness tricks into a blog post.

Close your eyes. Focus your attention to your breath. Slowly increase the depth of your nasal inhale, pulling it deeply inside you and slowing…

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Dazed and Confused. 1993.

Art News: The ‘American Psycho’ Musical Of Your Nightmares Is Finally Coming To New York

inanis chorea

Gwen & Gawie Fagan
Architects, House, Camps Bay, Cape Town