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After a week of volunteering with the Canadian Positive Psychology Conference last week and…

After a week of volunteering with the Canadian Positive Psychology Conference last week and finishing my second life coaching session on over coming fears and blocks of success I was inspired to adapt some of the mindfulness tricks into a blog post.

Close your eyes. Focus your attention to your breath. Slowly increase the depth of your nasal inhale, pulling it deeply inside you and slowing…

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Dazed and Confused. 1993.

Art News: The ‘American Psycho’ Musical Of Your Nightmares Is Finally Coming To New York

inanis chorea

Gwen & Gawie Fagan
Architects, House, Camps Bay, Cape Town

How to leave a party: Ghost vs. Goodbye – another brilliant flowchart for modern life from artist Wendy MacNaughton and writer Caroline Paul (a powerhouse creative couple), who previously gave us Should I Check My Email? (one of the best infographics of 2013) and What Mode of Transportation Should I Use?
Pair with MacNaughton’s wonderfully thoughtful illustrated love letter to life’s meanwhile moments and some of our past collaborations.
1 bdrm centretown #Ottawa apartment take over!

1 bdrm centretown #Ottawa apartment take over!


It’s official, my partner and I are making the big move to Toronto! The only thing left for us to sort out in Ottawa is arrangements for our apartment.

We live in the Centretown Place Minto apartmentslocated directly on the main transit line on Slater, at Bay St. We live on the 5th floor with a large north facing balcony. There is a lot of natural light as the entire north wall is lined with…

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Irrational Thoughts of the day #itOTD @partnersformh

Irrational Thoughts of the day #itOTD @partnersformh

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Irrational Thoughts of the day

i t O T D


I’m going to start a new politeMind trend #itOTD(Irrational Thoughts Of The Day) for helping to identify negative thoughts that contribute to the anxiety cycle. Having irrational thoughts that confirm negative beliefs and support worries is a particular area of distress for me. Sometimes I have a thought of doubt or uncertainty pop into my head which…

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