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Beauty School Dropout
Photo on 2014-08-28 at 4.39 PM #4

Just some lighthearted selfie fun before some long intellectual conversations with some spectacular new persons.

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When in doubt, take mirrored photos with your doggie because she’ll still be madly in love with you despite how ridiculous you are (just kidding, she’ll fucking hate you because she doesn’t like being in front of the camera).

How do you prepare for dinner parties?

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@TheDepanneur | #projectAROUND #Toronto

@TheDepanneur | #projectAROUND #Toronto


Hey Internet world,

This post was meant to be posted at the beginning of August, it is the first post for #projectAROUND.

The Depanneurwas the perfect way to kick off my adventures in a new city. Our second night in Toronto my partner and I got invited out to a popup dinner. I had never heard of the “popup” movement but it pleasantly confirmed my motives for moving to this creatively diverse…

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The Sprouted Taco | #projectEAT

The Sprouted Taco | #projectEAT


I’ve never been great at cooking. I mostly accredit my impatience and inability to stick to the directions as the culprit for this. It’s funny because in my family we have a running joke, at my eldest brother and dads’ expense, that we are all to the books; no instruction sheet will go unexamined, no set of game rules unread, or directions un-followed. But I am not like that. I have good…

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Understanding Loss | Death

Understanding Loss | Death

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 11.31.36 AM

The world is always stunned and shocked at the loss of a great talent such as Robin Williams. My heart is saddened to lose a piece of my childhood with his passing. More devastating is that suicide was his answer and a lifelong battle with depression was lost. An example of how the mental health can overtaken the rational of some of the greatest thinkers, largest hearts, and deepest souls. A…

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Catching Up With Old Friends | A Rainy Day Adventure

Catching Up With Old Friends | A Rainy Day Adventure

Seeing the city has been amazing. It truly has been everything I anticipated, wanted and more thus far. Even though I haven’t been able to shop at any vintage stores, dine at all the trendy spots, or poke around the arts and crafts shops/communities I have been able to get a sense for the energy of the city, or more specifically the boroughs and where I’d like to explore more.

Buuuuuuut I did…

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Another Day Another View | Personal Update

Another Day Another View | Personal Update

I dedicate this blog post to my dearest mother. You have a strong, sweet heart which has annoyed me endlessly for another Toronto update.


We are fortunate to have a very large balcony that overlooks Lake Ontario, Etobicoke, Missassauga (distantly), and Bloor St West. The weather thus far has been warm and breezy so I’ve spent most morning enjoying my coffee outside and of course a few dusky…

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Beauty of Mind, Body, &Soul of Feminist Punk Woman

“That’s pretty much the only time I feel really, really beautiful, when my circumstances are so strange that they allow me to see myself as a small component of a much bigger world.” - Meredith Graves…

Basic Rough Draft of Ideas & Future Direction

Basic Rough Draft of Ideas & Future Direction

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 12

I want each project to be based on a well researched resiliency strategy but to be executed in new innovative ways that emphasis personal engagement. I want it to be a social project where people get involved and lots of people are contributing to a common movement on life and wellness. Through completion and contribution to modules, eventually for “members” each step will track and evaluate…

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Future Collaborative Wellness Ideas / Rant

Future Collaborative Wellness Ideas / Rant

Photo on 2014-07-10 at 3.22 PM

I always seem to find myself struggling with the same dilemma – following through. For some reason I always seem to have an internal spark of greatness – an idea, a vision, a perfect end goal, yet getting from that starting point into motion, to resolution and accomplishment is always met with disconnect.

Recently, on my life coaching journey of self improvement I was faced with questioning the…

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